Hi, my name is Tom and I live in Norwich, England. I’m a web designer, graphic designer, doodler and writer. I specialise in designing and coding custom WordPress builds primarily, and have also given a fair nod to ASP.NET CMS Umbraco theming too. In between those, I design and code email creatives, newsletters, squeeze pages, splash pages, user interfaces for desktop and mobile systems, dabble in writing JavaScript, PHP, ASP and ASP.NET scripts, and coding everything from huge comparison websites and back end interfaces, marketing system builds to regular Joe websites. In a nutshell, I love everything web design.

I’m lucky enough to follow my passion in my 9 to 5 – but I’m always on the lookout to do extra work no matter what it’s calling. If you’re part of a charity, I’m more than happy to lend a hand. Let’s talk.

So, on this site I collect my portfolio of work and side projects that I’ve tailored for folk, and sometimes drop a blog post too. Take a look if you like.