I originally started in web design early on in the ’00s experimenting and messing with free web space such as GeoCities while back in school. I got to grips with basic HTML through some software bundle my parents were conned into buying by the preying sales guy at our local computer shop. This came with a ‘beasty’ computer that finally gave our humble corner of hick-life in Norfolk a connection to the net. And so it began.

Actually being paid for web work happened at university. After taking up a journalism degree course to obtain a fairly useless and expensive piece of paper, I soon became disillusioned with the flagging course. My attention wandered away from my coursework and onto bigger ideas, pushing myself a little further away from writing and more into my hobby – web design. I helped construct several sites at university which – along with my writing – gained me two awards at the end of year Media awards: Website of the Year and Feature Article of the Year.

Since leaving university I stayed on in web design which led me to long term contract work. I was a freelancer working in everything web based: from copy writing to web advertising, building corporate social media branding suites to dabbling with mobile app interface design and some interesting mobile web app road mapping and coding early working concepts with some great smartphone centric JavaScript libraries.

Then I got a job – which is where I’m now posted. I’m currently employed as a web designer for a media and marketing firm based in Norwich, occasionally dropping into a frond end developer role to work with PHP, ASP and .NET based CMS systems. It’s a great place to work :)

But I’ve not altogether given up my exposure to interesting side projects that keep my interest in the field forever varied and interesting. So I decided to build this little portfolio site…

So, if you are interested in working with me, especially for a charity or charitable cause, let’s talk. Head over the the Contact page to send me your thoughts, ideas and feedback.

Oh yeah, and I like drawing stuff too!